Sunday, May 9, 2010

Vethathiriyam yoga

Globally, humanity is experiencing a sense of helplessness and uncertainty due to personal,

societal and environmental challenges that don’t seem to have any long lasting solutions in sight.

The modern life styles are a reflection of the imbalance that stems from the domination of science

and technology. There is an urgency to balance our materialistic lives with spiritual practices that are practical and effective. Vethathiriyam is a comprehensive system of practice and theory that offers an integrated way of life to get in touch with you and the world around you. The in-built ease and safety of practices enables one to make it a lifestyle. Vethathiriyam weaves through self, society and nature to offer a healthy, harmonious and productive way of living.

Vethathiri Maharishi developed a complete system of practices for the self: (a)

Simplified physical exercises that are designed to balance the circulations of blood, heat, air, and life energy and to keep the body fit without any stress or strain. People of all ages

can practice and benefit from them, (b) Simplified Kundilini Yoga (SKY) meditation, which is a unique technique to calm your mind by connecting it with your life energy. It is simple,

systematic, and safe, which enables a person to go within and progress spiritually.

Blessings are given at the end of the meditation as autosuggestions to help an

individual to harmonize relationships and interactions with others. (c) Introspection

practices are taught for personality development and to deal with day-to-day

life situations, such as analyzing thoughts, streamlining desires, neutralizing anger,

eradicating worries, and realizing Self, (d) Kaya Kalpa literally means body immortal.

It offers a simple and powerful practice to maintain health and youthfulness,

and to withstand the aging process.

Vethathiriyam includes fourteen principles of life for the welfare of society that are suitable for people of all cultures throughout the world. For illustration, a few examples from these principles are: (a) food and water are two natural treasures that must be made available to everyone just like sunlight and air, (b) economic justice must be assured for all citizens of the world, (c) respecting womanhood and giving full equal rights to women is essential for the service and knowledge that they provide, and (d) the educational curricula need to include the teaching of the “cause and effect” as a law of nature, (e) a world without war must be ensured to fully utilize all the available resources for the benefit of humanity and to eliminate untold suffering that wars cause.

Deep understanding of nature is essential for living in harmony with the law of nature, while balancing material well-being with spiritual progress. Vethathiri’s profound revelations led him to propose that the primordial state of the universe, which he called Absolute Space, has two inherent attributes that are latent: (a) Force or Gravity: Inexhaustible self-compressive force, the source of all forces, which acts everywhere, (b) Consciousness: The omniscient order of function in everything. As a result of the self-compressive nature of the absolute space, an infinitesimal volume of space begins to spin in a whirling motion, called a fundamental energy particle. The spinning action propels an outward repulsive force. The co-joining of the two forces, attractive and repulsive, is defined as Universal Magnetism. It fills the universe as a wave. It is the first phase of self-transformation of the absolute space from being to becoming. As a result of self-compressive force, fundamental energy particles group to form atoms of different elements that produce different masses in the universe with all their wonderful attributes. In living beings, the fundamental energy particles form Life Force. The associated wave is called Bio-magnetism. It constantly transforms into pressure, sound, light, taste, smell and mind, and maintains all the physical and psychic functions.

In summary, the existence of universal and bio-magnetism is the consistent element that permeates through out the universe and connects all of its manifestations. Magnetism furnishes the foundation for unifying self, society and nature, for bridging the gap between modern science and India’s perennial philosophy, and for humans to balance their material lives through spiritual progress.