Sunday, May 9, 2010

World Community Service Centre - a non Profit Organization

In 1958 Shri Vethathiri Maharishi founded the World Community Service Centre (WCSC),
 a non-profit registered society with a view to work towards World Peace through individual peace. 
As of today, more than 200 trusts and about 1000 meditation centers have been registered and
 affiliated to WCSC in India, and thousands of people have benefited physically, mentally, socially
 and spiritually from the teachings and practices. From 1972 to 1993, he traveled abroad annually, 
lecturing and teaching extensively in Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore and U.S.A.

The World Community Service Centre (WCSC) is to bring peace in the society through peace in the individual. Society is made up of individual human beings. Hence, peace must emanate from individuals, then permeate to the family, and then to the society at large. Ultimately world peace will blossom. The practice and teachings of the W.C.S.C. are made so as to combine and integrate these three aims.
For sensory enjoyments; proper training alone can curb the animalistic tendencies of aggression
 and selfishness. The human capacity to share the feelings of one’s fellow beings and be helpful to 
all is not developed due to lack of sufficient training. A change in the world society cannot be
 brought about through political will, economic reforms or religious faith. The spiritual path and
 outlook is a basic requirement in order to bring about a change in the behavior of mankind. 
One should choose a path to realize the Truth. The W.C.S.C. is the vehicle to teach the psychic and
 physical practices synthesized by Vethathiri Maharishi to achieve realization through 
introspection, purification and meditation. More detailed explanation of these is in the ensuing
 sections of this booklet. Anyone who dedicates his will and sets aside some time on a
 daily basis can maintain good health, happiness, prosperity and peace to the maximum possible
 extent. The individual’s peace brings harmony within the family, among relatives, friends 
and in the workplace. One can live a virtuous life of morality, duty and charity, without conflicts. 
This will lead to peace in society and even the whole world.

The human being is a wonderful species, evolved through millions of forms and intrinsically 
endowed with tremendous qualities and potentials. The physical body is fantastically
 sophisticated, with the capability of a vast spectrum of though and action.
 But at the same time, within each of us the characters of the past violent deeds done 
by animals are also accumulated and preserved intact. Every one of us has developed 
undue attachments to material wealth, fame, power and desire.