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Vethathiri Maharishi - valga valamudan

Yogiraj Shri Vethathiri Maharishi (1911 – 2006) was a spiriutal leader and founder-trustee of the World Community Service Center in 1958 in chennai. He had founded over 300 yoga centres around the world and wrote about 80 books, many of which became academic textbooks. He was declared the 19th siddha by the dravidan university

 Vethathiri Maharishi was born on 14th August,1911 in an indigent weaver's family at guduvancheri, 30 km south of chennai, as their eighth child. His father was Varathappa Mudaliar. Though he had very little formal schooling, in his later life he became a qualified physician in Ayurveda, Siddha, and homeopathy

Early Life

After spending several years in various minor employments, he established a textile concern that grew to employ over 2000 workers on a profit-sharing basis that would be thought progressive even today. Although constantly busy with family and business matters, he always found time to pursue his deep desire to achieve self-realization and realization of Truth.Several years of intense meditation and introspection brought him full enlightenment at the age of thirty five. At the age of fifty he closed his commercial ventures and devoted himself solely to spiritual service so as to guide sincere spiritual aspirants by transmitting and sharing with them his experiences and revelations of Truth. Even though his life has long been dedicated spiritual and social service he has remained a “householder”, i.e. he has not broken his family ties and taken vows of renunciation, but rather lived in the indigenous Siddha tradition, maintaining family ties and fulfilling his duties.

Poems and Books

From his enlightenment till end, Shri Vethathiri Maharishi has received knowledge of the origin and functions of the cosmos and all aspects of life, as Nature revealed to his inner vision. During these years he has spontaneously written over 2000 poems on philosophical subjects. He remains dedicated to serving his fellow beings by conveying his understanding of universe and the One Supreme Power though his speeches and writings. In the Indian philosophical tradition, his philosophy corresponds to pure advaita; it may be called pantheistic monism. His language and attitudes are contemporary, non-sectarian and non-dogmatic. As of date, he has authored about 75 books in Tamil and English. Even at his advanced age of ninety four he continued to write books and give discourses as his service to humanity

Spiritual Teachings

Several years of intense meditation led to his enlightenment at the age of 35. Vethathiri led the life of a householder until he was 50, and then changed the course of his life from being a businessman to teaching and writing about his experiences of divine revelations. He published many books in English and Tamil. Between 1972-1993, he visited the USA, Europe, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Japan and Mexico. He conducted courses; educational curricula need to include the teaching of the “cause and effect” as a law of nature, (e) a world without war must be ensured to fully utilize all the available resources for the benefit of humanity and to eliminate untold suffering that wars cause.

Vethathiri's Science of living (Vethathiriyam)

Vethathiri’s profound revelations led him to propose that the primordial state of the universe, which he called Absolute Space, has two inherent attributes that are latent 
 Vethathiri Maharishi’s profound revelations enabled him to synthesize a complete science of living for the betterment of humanity through: Simplified Kundalini yoga meditation , Physical Exercises , Kaya Kalpa Yoga and Introspections. His writings add new dimensions to current philosophy, science and literature, and provide deep insights into how self, society and nature are interconnected. Vethathiri’s lifetime contributions are called Vethathiriyam[3], which literally translates as a roadmap to the mountain of knowledge. Deep understanding of nature is essential for living in harmony with the law of nature, while balancing material well-being with spiritual progress.
  • Force or Gravity: Inexhaustible self-compressive force, the source of all forces, which acts everywhere
  • Consciousness: The omniscient order of function in everything. As a result of the self-compressive nature of the absolute space, an infinitesimal volume of space begins to spin in a whirling motion, called a fundamental energy particle. The spinning action propels an outward repulsive force. The co-joining of the two forces, attractive and repulsive, is defined as Universal Magnetism. It fills the universe as a wave. It is the first phase of self-transformation of the absolute space from being to becoming.


In 1958 Shri Vethathiri Maharishi founded the World Community Service Centre (WCSC), a non-profit registered society with a view to work towards World Peace through individual peace. As of today, more than 200 trusts and about 1000 meditation centers have been registered and affiliated to WCSC in India, and thousands of people have benefited physically, mentally, socially and spiritually from the teachings and practices. From 1972 to 1993, he traveled abroad annually, lecturing and teaching extensively in Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore and U.S.A.
In 1984 he founded the “Vethathiri Maharishi Yoga and Kaya Kalpa Research Foundation” based in Aliyar, Pollachi, Tamil Nadu. Facilities are provided for large groups to stay and undergo SKY courses of several days duration in a peaceful and beautiful natural environment. The Temple of Consciousness is the centerpiece of the campus. Unlike other temples, this one is consecrated to realization of consciousness solely through meditation and contemplation; no deities are installed nor are rituals of any kind performed. Consciousness is recognized as the universal, integrated order of function: the omniscient, omnipresent quality of the entire cosmos – time, space and quality invariant.
In 1998 the Brain Trust was established to bring together intellectuals of various fields to discuss the compelling issues facing mankind and work towards solutions for bringing about peace and harmony to the individual and to the world at large.