Monday, May 10, 2010


  • Chennai shares the second position as the largest employment generator in India, along with Bombay. The first position is Bangalore.
  • Chennai generates around 35,000 jobs annually.
  • Chennai has the highest two-wheeler population in India.
  • Chennai has the lowest pollution among major cities of India in spite of having over 20 lakh vehicles.
  • The city is now called the Detroit of India due to its automobile industry producing over 40% of the country's auto parts and vehicles.
  • Chennai is India’s fourth largest city and ranks among the fifty most populous cities in the world (#35).
  • Chennai as ranked First in India in Health facilities by Outlook in 2003.
  • Chennai was ranked First in India in Education facilities by Outlook in 2003.
  • Chennai was ranked the second best city to live in by Outlook in 2003.
  • The Mofussil bus stand at Koyambedu, Chennai is the largest in South Asia.
  • The only state seen many Chief Ministers from Film Industry or People associated to Film industry. (M.G.R, Jayalalitha, V.N.Janaki, Annadurai, & Karunanidhi. The first three people acted in films, the later two were associated with film industry by story & dialogue writing.)
  • Chennai is the best place of cinema post-production work in the country according to leading cine industry experts. Because of its cheapness and all modernized technologies, several post-production works for the movies from the Eastern India and also from North-East India are now being done in Chennai. 
  • Madras (Chennai) old facts........... Gateway of South India . Cultural capital of India .
  • Marina Beach is the second longest beach in the world, after Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro.
  • Has one of oldest engineering and medical colleges in the world.
  • Has the second largest cine industry in the country, next only to Bombay.
  • Chennai is the home of South Indian cinema. There were times when all the post production work in the entire South Indian cine industry was done only at Chennai.
  • The Vandalur Zoo in Chennai is the First Zoo (1855) in India and one of the largest in South Asia.
  • The Cancer institute (1920) in Chennai is one of the Oldest in India
  • The Cooum River running across Chennai was being used for water transportation in its earlier days.
  • Chennai’s Mount Road or Anna Salai’s original name is GST Road (Grand South Trunk Road)