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It is the first ISO 14001-2004 certified municipality in Asia for environmental management[1], specifically the provision and maintenance of water supply, solid waste and sewage management, town planning, lighting and other social services

It is named as Educational city, Poultry city, and Transport city.

Transport Hub

Namakkal is a major lorry and truck hub right from 1957 when A.Muthuswamy Chettiar established AMC Automobiles. Many conglomerates of trailers, tanker lorries are found in Namakkal.

Namakkal district has emerged as one of the transportation hubs of the TN State. About 40 per cent of the trucks operated in the State are from Namakkal and the district, noted for truck body building, has over 18,000 trucks, including 3,000 tankers and 2,500 trailers, with an annual addition of approximately 500 trucks.

Tiruchengode can be called "The Borewell Hub of India" as it manufactures the largest number of Borewell Vehicles operated in India

Poultry Hub

NAMAKKAL, the major poultry producer of southern India, has been witnessing a positive change in the recent years. The district alone accounts for about 75 per cent of the birds produced in the Namakkal zone of the National Egg Coordination Committee. The poultry sector in the zone has grown by 19.53 per cent in the past two years. The total number of birds has gone up from 307.34 lakh in 2005-06 to 367.35 lakh in 2007-08. The zone produces about 2.5 crore eggs a day, with Namakkal contributing 1.75 crore of the total production. The labour-intensive sector provides direct employment to over one lakh people.

Namakkal, the zero-garbage eco-city

* Namakkal is one of the few Indian Municipalities which have been successful in running a zero garbage, eco-friendly urban waste management project for which visitors are coming to study


* The economy of the district was primarily agricultural, but as on today it has changed its occupation to Lorries, Educational Institutions, Poultry Farms and real estate. So, Poultry, Lorry Transport and related businesses drive the economy of the town.

* Namakkal is famous for its Lorry body building industries and Poultry farms. It is India's 2nd biggest egg producing region (producing 3 crore eggs per day).

* A wide variety of crops are grown within the district. One of the main crop is Tapioca and due to that Namakkal is famous for Sago Factories (particularly Sellappampatty and Attur taluk around the place).

* Migration to other countries is very common in Namakkal and it started in the 1900s. The early migration was mainly to Malaysia, Singapore and Sri Lanka. Now a days people are migrating to USA and UK also.

* It has been recorded several times to be the "number one" location in ATM tansactions in Tamil Nadu.[citation needed] Next to Coimbatore & Erode. Also it has the most number of crorepathis followed by Erode and Tirupur.


Namakkal district is well known in the state of Tamil Nadu for producing excellent results in the Class 12 final examinations, and its students secure admissions to several top professional colleges in the state. Namakkal and Rasipuram taluks have several of these intensive preparation schools which stress on academics more than extra-curricular activities to produce these results. Several boarding schools are available with spartan non-academic facilities and accommodations, and admissions to these can be very competitive, as it often leads to an admission in some of the top engineering and medical colleges in the state.

Due to its reputation and experienced teachers, students from all over the state seek admission to high schools in the Namakkal district. The government higher secondary school namakkal south has excellent history in the past.It is the oldest educational instituition in Namakkal with a golden period during early and mid-90's when there was high quality education and now has numerous roots all over the world mainly in UK and USA in the form of Doctors and Engineers who qualified from this school.It also has the biggest play ground in the state.

Tiruchengode has the pride of having the country's first Gandhi Ashram a tribute to our nation's great leader Mahatma Gandhi and opened by our country's then viceroy Rajaji (Rajagopalachari).